I love the fact that technology is a huge tool when it comes to DIY.  No longer do struggling artist have to save up money to record an album that might be forgotten long before it was even cut. I’m blown away if an artist can lay down an album, I’m even more blown away when I learn they made an album by themselves. That is exactly what a personal friend of mine,  Kaylon T. Sherman, did on his “Beyond” ep.

To me he brings all the aspects of what great post-metal bands do, make great thrash riffs, while showing off the beauty of great harmonies. There is no better example of this formula executed perfectly than the title track, “Beyond”.

I was immediately drawn to it because it doesn’t start in a typical  way, it starts off as a metal song to its full potential, then shows you its more melodic side so naturally. I personally love the outerlude to this track, it gave off a very Mogwai feel, while keeping the general rhythm of the track, which is why it works so beautifully.

“Depature III [For Good]” ,the last track on this ep, is another track that made me stop what I was doing and just sit down and listen. This track is composed with so much passion and feeling, its hard to ignore or at least make you hit your rewind button. “Beyond” will make you ask, “Where is this going next” but the answer it gives is nothing short of satisfactory.

Check out his band camp: K.T.S. – Beyond ep  Recommended tracks : Beyond & Motion E*

Connect with him on Facebook : Kaylon T. Sherman

This album represents the path to ascension and going beyond what is known to man

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