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Spiderman & Dead Pool are Eric B. and Rakim

Written By: Joe Kelly & Eddie McGuiness

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

Artist: Eric B. & Rakim

Album: Paid In Full

Personal favorites:
I Ain’t No Joke
Eric B Is on the Cut
My Melody
I Know You Got Soul
Paid in Full
As the Rhyme Goes On
Eric B Is President


Written By: Dan Slott

Cover Artist: Mike Del Mundo

Artist: A Tribe Called Quest

Album: Midnight Marauders

Personal Favorites:
Award Tour
8 Million Stories
Electric Relaxation
Clap Your Hands
Oh My God
The Chase, Part II
Lyrics to Go

The Aristocrat of Rap

D.I.Y. is the way many of my favorite artist have gone, from the Beastie Boys (after they left Def Jam and formed Grand Royal), Atmosphere (Duo from Minnesota who own Rhymesayers) it is the one and only true way an artist can be free to do what they want.

This album “Crush” shows why indie hip-hop is so important to the genre.  I’ve said before that hip hop is always changing and evolving, and this album, to me, shows when happens when it evolves in to a beautiful thing.

Clemits is an Emcee from Austin Tx who knows his musical roots, and its shows, throught “Crush” but some how manages to remind you that this album dropped last year in 2015, Honestly I think he’s making Austin proud.

“Calling My Name” defiantly stuck with me the first time I heard it, and is a really great song to open with, it has great sample and really tight flows, and a nice shout out to Gary Clark Jr. (another Austin native who some say is the next  Jimi Hendrix) and Run The Jewels. “Lonley 1″ is another track that I could not get enough of. It has a great piano sample, hook and amazing writing. “Strange” ft. Ariano is one track that found my repeat button.  I love the phrase “I used to be s squirrel trying to get a nut, now a lone wolf on a murderous  hunt”.  “Doors, Locks, Keys” is a really cool song, its kind of an homage to Felt’s “Dirty Girl” to me, and that only makes this album better. “She Says” and “Close2U” deserve an honorable mention as well.

I really think this album is something special and really is something to get excited about, if you enjoy: Madlib, Gramatik, Eyedea and Abilities, Atmosphere and everything in between don’t pass this up.

Check out his website:

Check out his facebook: Therealclemits