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“Short Breath, Loud Scream”

They say that hip-hop is not dead, but evolving.  ”Short Breath, Louds Scream” , my man Nate Flud’s 3rd album, shows you why hip hop thrives in times of over produced, auto tuned voices. You can hear the influences pour out as soon as you start this unorthodox album.  It’s what I love about art. Be yourself, give it all you got and don’t regret it.

“For the first time” easily sets the tone of the record. I love the fact that there’s a live band which to me is kind of a lost art in modern hip hop. The fact that he did it all him self, to me, makes it even more powerful. A personal favorite “The Song Inside” will definitely grab you by the neck and remind you why he’s an emcee. With tracks like, “”Let Your Light Shine” and “Let Go”,  I believe this album has something to say to everyone.

If you’re a fan of Alice in Chains, Sadistik, Eyedea and Abilities or just love deep, lyrical hip hop, don’t sleep on this one.

He’s also his about to drop his fourth album, “From A Friend” in early February.


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